A cryptofriendly guide to ParisThis guide provides few tips around the Community Blockchain Week and EthCC to ensure you have the best experience possible: it includes crypto-friendly places to eat, drink, sleep, shop and enjoy your time not only at the conference, but also around it.

  • What? The Community Blockchain Week is a blockchain tech-focused initiative organized voluntarily by the community, with EthCC as a flagship event.

  • When? The 5th, 6th and 7th March 2019

  • Where? In Paris, at the CNAM and various other locations.

  • How? Book your event OR Register yours!

  • Who is behind this?
    ASSETH organizes EthCC with the support of the Ethereum Foundation and the CNAM.
    Asseth is a regulated French non-profit organization. It hosts free Ethereum workshops several times a month since early 2016, feeds the Ethereum France website and translates technical papers in French. Asseth also participates to various educational projects and open-source projects.
    We initiated the Community Blockchain Week but it is organized by the French crypto community.

  • A huge thanks to the past Sponsors of EthCC who made this event a reality.
    We are still looking for sponsors for the 2019 edition!

Should you have any question don't hesitate to reach out to us: contact@asseth.fr

Help us spread the word! #EthCC

We are looking forward to seeing you all in March. Welcome to Paris! ♥

Table of Contents

  1. Where are the venues?
  2. What is the schedule?
  3. What is the unofficial schedule?
  4. What to do around the venue?
  5. Where to eat around the venue?
  6. Where to drink around the venue?
  7. Where to stay?
  8. Additional information

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