What is the Community Blockchain Week schedule?


Events during the Community Blockchain week are organized by the community. You can see the full list HERE.
Anyone can either attend to the listed events, workshops, meetups, hackathons, conferences and parties during the week, or register their own.

Disclaimer: only obvious scammy projects and ICO promoting events will be filtered.

Make sure your register yours on https://blockchainweek.fr/

Since so many Ethereum project teams are coming to Paris, this is THE moment to have specific mini-meetups, drinks and dinners to get to meet the people IRL you have been interacting with online.

Also check the "Contribution" section.

Try Kickback to manage your free events

Are you hosting a free event? Then consider managinging your event using Kickback. Kickback is an Ethereum-based event management service that asks registrants to commit some ETH. If they don't come, ETH will be shared among attendees, preventing no shows while rewarding attendees.

Kickback has been tried at various side events during DevCon4 , GörliCon and other local Ethereum meetups.

Please read the event organiser guide, and request here if you are interested.

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