Where to drink around the venues?

Drinking maps: https://goo.gl/maps/CYJm9DmJVcB2

  • Mezcaleria - Mexican Mezcal and snacks; 13 Boulevard du Temple, 75003

  • Le 153 - Cocktail bar with snacks on 3 floors; boudoir, industrial atmosphere or stone cellar; 153 Rue Saint-Martin, 75003 Paris

  • Sunset sunside - At this bar you can always find good Jazz nights, check their timetable.

Farther away...

Ménilmontant/Belleville :

  • Travel guides usually describe these areas as "cosmopolitan and colorful," which basically means they're filled with Asian grocery stores and sports bars owned by immigrants. For the story, Fox News dubbed the place a “No Go Zone” before giving proper excuses. Everyone's realized they're the best place for cheap drinks and good atmosphere. On the Boulevard de Ménilmontant you'll easily find bars serving pints for €4.

  • CAFÉ CHERIE - every Wednesday. Definitely a go to if you are in the neighborhood.

Montmartre (farther away)

  • Chez Aymé This tiny bar in Montmartre, serves pints for 4€ -cheap for this area-, you can bring in your food, your board games, or just your willingness to talk to random people. Very friendly place if you are around the corner. 17 rue des Trois Freres, 75018 Paris

  • La Recyclerie This bar placed next to the old rails, where use to be a train station, is now refurbished to be a cool eco-responsible place, where you can eat-drink and find many other cool activities, if you are a eco-responsible fellow, you will love this place, they have their own chickens, they grow at least a part of the food they serve, and the ambiance is just amazing. Great place if you need to spend some hours working.


  • Le Comptoir General This place is hidden at the end of an small entrance, you could never guess what is waiting for you at the end of this small path, this bar is huge very unique place in Paris to go for drinks, or brunch, if you are planning to go in a big group, you can make a reservation for a living-room like table... 80 quai de Jemmapes, 75010 Paris

  • Animaux Bars (L'Ours, Le Renard) If you fancy good cocktails, and friendly service, you may try one of these bars.

A note on alcohol:

It is ok to drink/buy drinks if you are 18 and over. Most of the places where you can have food also sells something to drink (wine or beer). You might think that being in France is a good opportunity to drink good wine and honestly it is, just don’t expect a random café or bar to sell quality wine see the “bar à vins” section of this guide instead. Anyway your best bet is usually to go for the beer or try the French beer mix: sour orange and beer “picon bière”.

Drinking in the street is tolerated but people will probably look down on you. Being drunk in the street is quite tolerated as long as you don’t bother anyone, otherwise the Police can arrest you for “ivresse manifeste sur la voie publique” (obvious drunk behavior on public street).

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